U.S. Taekwondo Center Master Your Full Potential

Introducing our USTC Referral Contest!

Starting Monday, January 15th through Saturday, February 17th, you can refer a friend to taekwondo and Free The Ninja!

How it works: If you refer a friend to USTC and they enroll for a full Basic Program, you will receive a FREE NINJA! You will receive 1 free ninja figure, a free large pizza from Borriello Brothers Pizza, and 1 entry to our $500 cash prize drawing!¬†There will be 25 ninjas in ‘jail’ per location. All 25 ninjas at that location must be ‘freed’ for the $500 drawing to occur.

We do have Guest Passes available. Pick up as many Guest Passes as you like from your dojang. Simply write your name on the card and give out your Guest Passes to friends and family.

If you a refer a friend that enrolls with multiple people you will receive multiple ninjas, pizzas, and entries.

For example: Mr. Jones and his son enroll = 2 students. The referring USTC student will receive 2 ninjas, 2 pizzas, and 2 entries for the $500 cash drawing.

You may access a digital Guest Pass here.