U.S. Taekwondo Center Master Your Full Potential

The U.S. Taekwondo Center in partnership with U.S. Fighting Systems hosts/offers several important seminars to the community. We are the ONLY Martial Arts school in the country officially certified to offer these safety courses and seminars.

US Fighting Systems Logo new smLearn FIELD-PROVEN strategies from certified instructors! Dave Young is the founder of U.S. Fighting Systems and has over 30 years of experience training military and police personal. These seminars and courses are not offered publicly by any other martial arts school in the country. During the seminars you will learn what police and military personal are taught. These are tactics that you can use everyday and not just when a threat occurs.


These seminars and courses can be held at our facilities, at your office, school, organization, or business. Contact any of our 5 locations to schedule these seminars. For testimoProgram on Facebooknies, please visit our Facebook pages – US Taekwondo Center on Facebook  and   W.A.S.P. Women’s Awareness Survival 

Offer your organization a range of seminars while  raising funds and contributing to your community!

The U.S. Taekwondo Center is a proud partner with the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation. All proceeds collected from registration of any Seminar taught by a USTC Instructor will be donated to help build the new Children’s Hospital here in Colorado Springs. These seminars are a wonderful way to offer your organization a safe environment to train for real world situations while supporting your community!  Contact our Director of Marketing to find out more information at kgungler@familyblackbelt.com.


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Women’s Awareness Survival Program


 Family Safety Seminars



Child Abduction Prevention Seminars



Gun Safety and Disarmament Seminars (non-threat and threat)



Anti-Bullying Seminars


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Active Shooter Seminars