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Active Shooter Certified

Every K-12 school, church, and medium-large business must prepare for an attack by an active shooter and must know how to respond should an attack occur.

Although experts now recognize the critical importance of training everyone in active shooter preparedness and response (security, teachers, volunteers), the time, cost and logistics of doing this via traditional methods is totally impractical.

That is why U.S. Taekwondo Center has teamed up with Dave Young (founder of US Fighting Systems and Vistelar – a world leader in conflict management) to become Certified Active Shooter Facilitators.

We provide hands on instructions through workshops, seminars and certification courses to our local schools, business and other professional organizations throughout the Colorado Springs area. Please let us know if we can provide you or your organization information about our training.

Or, you can click the graphic below to take our intro course online.

Colorado Springs Active Shooter_sm